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German cultural association the Goethe-Institut officially opens new premises in EU quarter

Goethe Institut - Johanna Baschke
12:33 21/06/2022

The Goethe-Institut Brussels celebrated the opening of its newly-renovated, low-energy premises in the EU quarter on Monday.

The return to the German cultural association’s original location in Rue Belliard follows six years of refurbishment. It occupies the site as a tenant of the Representation of Baden-Württemberg to the European Union, which bought and renovated the building

Director Elke Kaschl-Mohni expressed excitement about the new opportunities that the building will offer. "Behind the restored historic façade are new, modern premises for the Goethe-Institut team, which can now operate with new-work concepts and flexible home-office arrangements to a greater extent than before.”  

Returning to its original location in the city centre offers many advantages, according to the association. It represents a perfect meeting place for local cultural scenes with the new sustainable building providing guests with an up-to-date gathering place that still retains its historical aspects. 

Kaschl-Mohni explained how the modernisation of the space improved the institute.  “An infrastructure with innovative conference technology enables hybrid meetings as well as ‘hybrid learning’ in the language course area.” 

Strengthening cultural exchange between Germany and Belgium

The Goethe-Institut Brussels is dedicated to strengthening the cultural exchange between Germans and Belgians as well as raising interest in German, Belgium's third national language. The Goethe-Institut acts as a partner for all those who are actively involved with Germany and its culture. 

Its main goal is to strengthen the role of the cultural sector in the context of European integration by providing information about cultural, social and political life in Germany. The Goethe-Institut acts as a partner for all those who are actively involved with Germany and its culture.   

The association opened in October 1959, originally as the Deutsche Bibliotheck Brüssel (German Library Brussels). Its building on Rue Belliard boasts a fascinating history, having once belonged to the Prussian Delegation in 1832. It was returned to the Federal republic of Germany after World War Two in 1961 in what was seen as an act of reconciliation and a sign of good will between the two countries. 

Photo: Goethe Institut/Johanna Baschke


Written by Juliette Rommen