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Genappe twins launch unusual US shoe business

00:00 19/11/2016

Twin sisters Daphné and Christelle Debauve are the force behind an innovative US label of children’s shoes.

The women, from Genappe in Walloon Brabant, exploit their special relationship in the concept of online brand George et Georgette: mismatched shoes that complement one another, just like twins.

Approaching their 35th birthday, they decided on a joint venture that took a year to develop and much of their savings.

It recalled childhood memories when their mum would buy them the same shoes but in different colours, which they would then sometimes swap.

"There had to be a social side to make the project even more motivating for us. We also wanted to make the packaging original and useful," says Christelle.

The result is a cardboard shoebox with cutout handles that can be recycled and filled with essential items for homeless organisations.

And the inspiration behind the slightly retro name? “We were looking for the name of a couple and we have a tendency to push the idea of duality to the smallest detail. Our grandmother was called Georgette, so maybe there was some favouritism,” she says.

Written by The Bulletin