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Gas annual maintenance


Hello, I was wondering if someone could explain how the obligations for doing the gas system annual maintenance checks work.

As a tenant, I understand I normally have to pay for the annual maintenance to get the certificate.

What happens if something is wrong during the check, and my landlord has to carry out a repair?

Do I have to carry out an additional maintenance after the repair in order to get the certificate?

Also, how much does this normally cost?

Thank you!


Yes, as tenant, it is your legal AND contractual obligation to perform an annual check of your warming installtion + Chimney sweeping. It can cost more than 300€ to fulfill your legal and contractual obligations regarding those specific maintenance tasks.


Now, if the engineers discover that some parts are too old and need to be replaced, you just have to give this report to ypur landlord in order to inform him some parts need to be replaced asap.

This is also part of your obligations.

Nov 19, 2011 22:07