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Fun with kids


Good evening all,
I would like to take my 12 year-old son out for the day to do something he likes, and something that doesn´t include the Movies, McD, or swimming. I was thinking something in the line of a fun museum, educational fun place etc. I hope some of you folks out there can help us with ideas or personal experiences. Thanks in advance.


What about Technopolis in Mechelen or Euro Space Centre in Transinne (Ardennes). Or the Natural Science Museum is worth a visit, if only for the dinosaur Section. Best place to look is
If it's just fun and relaxation you're looking for : an attraction park - Walibi or Aqualibi in Wavre, there's also an outdoor activity park there but can't remember the name; PlopsaCoo in south Belgium (not too huge and crowded) or just a morning's go karting with pizza afterwards.

Jul 2, 2012 09:09