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Fulltime job & kids


How do you people manage with a full time job and kids? I have been offered a full time position I'd really like to have (under Belgian law). With 1.5 year old twins, I'm not sure how to proceed. Has anyone used an au-pair or nanny? I'd prefer that arrangement in case the kids get sick, etc.

Any experience, advice, much appreciated.



Most people would use a creche or a childminder - this would cost between 450 and 600 euro a month, if you are on a comfortable income, less if you manage to secure places at a public creche where fees are means tested and twins would get a reduction too. However, most people reserve creches when a few weeks pregnant, you are very very unlikely to find 2 places in either a public or private creche, you might find a newly registered childminder through your local commune with 2 places.
There are however 2 creche chains in Brussels who target the expat market and normally have places, because they are so expensive, they are not within reach of a Belgian resident on an average salary. They are called KidFarWest and Kids Attitude. Expect fees of over 750 euro a month per child full time. There is also the creche at the British School or International Montessori, both in Tervuren. These are term time. Expect 950 euro a month there.
Au-pairs are not suitable for young children, they cannot work full time anyway!
Your local commune would have a service where sick children are looked after in their at minimal cost, when they are unable to attend creche or school.
A nanny is likely to set you back at least 2k per month full time I believe.
Child care costs for creches or childminders, if inspected by ONE or Kind en Gezin, are tax deductable.
Have you registered your twins for school as they could start in March 2013, meaning enrolments for that start commenced in September 2012 and the last schools are completing enrolments around now? That would mean only 1 years child care costs full time. Child care costs before and after school - typically 7.30 to 18.30, would cost perhaps 5 euro a day, maybe even less.

Mar 17, 2012 08:03

Hi, if u need an aupair.I can be one..I love kids and I am good at it..can do house keeping jibs and cooking too..if u r interest ed than mail me on

May 5, 2014 19:33