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frozen shoulder


am suffering from frozen shoulder. excruciating pain. very limited movement. pinched nerves with dull throbbing ache down whole arm. can barely move. been to gp and have pain meds--600mg ibuprofen 3x day. very little relief. has anyone had this? what did you do? any treatment options? will try ANYTHING to get some relief.


The only real treatment is rest - keep the shoulder immobile. But if you want a quick solution with possible side-effects, get a cortisone shot from the doctor. You could also have surgery under anaesthetic to force the shoulder into movement. I wouldn't recommend it. The best thing to do is to endure the pain - could be up to 6 months of intense pain so that when the shoulder thaws it has the best chances of coming back to normal. Upside - at least you know what it is! Physiotherapy could give you some good exercises to tide you over the painful period.

Nov 18, 2015 11:35

Stop typing then...

Ibuprofen can take a few days to work on inflammation. Wait until Friday, then you'll know if it's working or if you need to see the GP again.

If in doubt, call the GP.

Nov 18, 2015 11:37

Hi sparkles, please ignore J. A friend of mine had this both side one after the other, she ended up in hospital in leuven where they gave her an anaesthetic and got her shoulder moving she then had tons of physio, On a regular basis.
A few things to try find a good sport therapist or physio, and seek advice from them, I believe they can offer some manipulation to help release the shoulder. if you're unhappy with your gp suggestions go and see a go who specialises in Ortho, I know there are a few at least one in Hoeilaart.
Maybe worth contacting some alternative style therapist like osteopaths there's a good practice in tervuren. Excellent and helpful they may well be able to either help Orr suggest who can.
Also I'd highly recommend finding a good massage or shiatsu therapist to try and realease the tension, but not a beauty massage therapist more a sport style one.
Also have to recommend infra red heat for any deep tissue pain.
All the best

Nov 18, 2015 11:45
Passive energy

I am having that in the shoulder, and for almost two years now, so it is a tedious healing process. First advice: go to see a specialist, preferrably an orthopedist and discuss the therapy with him.

In my case, we needed to end the inflammatory process first, and I got a number of Cortison shots for it. After that phase, it was physiotherapist, manual therapy. Then a new physiotherapist triggered a new inflammation, so we started all over. At the moment I am still taking physiotherapy, and I am adviced to go swimming twice a week.

Good luck and success with your healing process!

Nov 18, 2015 16:09

You might also consider acupuncture to relieve the acute pain. My Asian practioner has now retired, but in answer to a question I posted a couple of years ago, this as the reply:

Dr. Le Nhu Nhon in Grez-Doiceau. Highly recommended. I believe that his daughter practices in Brussels. Speaks French and English. 010 45 89 50

Nov 21, 2015 23:15

I would really recommend physiotherapy. Cortisone and surgery are last-resort treatments. Cortisone was the old way as far as I know, and really unnecessary and can be damaging. A good physio can get you out of pain within a few short weeks whereas doing nothing or getting the wrong advice can leave you in desperation as I'm sure you are now! Many doctors just aren't specialised enough - you probably need exercises to help, not anti-inflammatories. I had great results with Jean-Francois Poncin in Ixelles - after a bad experience with another physio and a whole summer lost to arm pain, I was so grateful! He doesn't leave you in terrible pain like some physios and just works steadily towards recovery. Highly recommended. Good luck!

Nov 25, 2015 00:15