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Frontalier worker Belgium/Netherlands


Hi everybody and many thanks in advance four yours advices,

I'm thinking about to move to Belgium for work, therefore my employer is estabilished in NL in West Flanders; I've never been in Belgium ago, my citizenship is Italian and up to now I live in France, as well as my car. So, I prefer to remain in Belgium because I can't speaking Dutch.
Please, advice me in which town to rent a flat if I want to sell my car and travel each day by train to Terneuzen.

What do I have to do in order to plan my relocation?

Many thanks.


I am a bit confused as to your post. You should probably, at the very least, realize the following before making a decision:

- West Flanders is in Belgium.

- Terneuzen is not in West Flanders but rather in Zeeland (which is in the Netherlands).

- Dutch is the majority language in Belgium and the only language spoken on either side of the Belgian-Dutch border.

Flanders (in the north of Belgium) is Dutch-speaking and more strict about language than the Netherlands for obvious historical reasons. Why not just move to Terneuzen itself? In any case, I would recommend doing more research before taking such an important step...

Mar 10, 2018 14:15

And to add to your long list of misconceptions, Terneuzen has not had a passenger railway in well over half a century and so it is impossible to get a train there from anywhere in Belgium (or, indeed, the Netherlands).

Mar 10, 2018 15:04

I suggest you move to Terneuzen, buy a bike, and learn Dutch.

Commuting from anywhere French speaking will be a nightmare journey from hell, and you'll pretty much certainly have to drive it. The nearest French speaking cities are Roubaix and Brussels.

Mar 10, 2018 16:25

If you are going to work in Terneuzen, living in Holland makes much more sense than living in Belgium.
The Dutch are far more easy-going regarding language and you will get by with English - at least until you can learn basic Dutch - so long as your employer is happy with that.
I worked for a Dutch company for many years and the Dutch accept that, as their language is not widely spoken outside Holland, they have to speak other languages. English is, effectively, universally understood and I would be amazed if you don't find Italian speakers, too.

Mar 10, 2018 16:43

Also because tX is high here people who live near the order travel to NL to shop. Do yourself a favour move to NL

Mar 11, 2018 11:57

That because high tax ,dans high prices for food etc

Mar 11, 2018 11:58