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Hello Everybody !

I'm looking for a "real" french teacher :-)
I had some lessons with students, they are really nice, we can talk, it's very cheap, but I would like to continue with a professional. Does anyone know a teacher ? I asked to Alliance Francaise, CEFR... but it's very expansive. I've heard tthat it's really cheaper if you directly talk with the teacher...

I hope you could help !
Thank you !


You should contact Eugénie.
I took lessons with her, she is great ! : nice, skilled, and professional. She works for the Alliance Française or Amira, so you can have lessons with the quality of a school with a cheaper price...

Here is her mail address :

I hope that will help !

Apr 12, 2015 07:43

My name is Louis, in my lessons I apply the NLP approach. It sounds very scientific but it is actually fun! It just means that every person learns in a different way: either visual, auditory or kinesthetic. I’ll first analyse your learning profile and then adapt the programme accordingly to your personal needs and level. My lessons are very interactive using a mix of exercises, conversation, animations and games that will help you to improve your French in an effective and motivating way while having fun!
you can call me for more details.
Bonne journée
04 84 420 209

Apr 13, 2015 18:18