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French summer courses in Brussels for an adult


Dear all,

I was wondering what are the good options to take a summer course (July-August) of French lesson for a beginner in Brussels. Any type of intensity and any duration but not Alliance Francias.

thanks a lot in advance,


You can find plenty of options by googling French language courses brussels. There is an overview at

If money is no object, I did a 3 week intensive one to one course (4 different teachers, alternating during the 6 hour day) in my twenties. Immediately after those 3 weeks I lived in France for 3 months in a situation where I was using French every day. It took me from very bad GCSE level to a very competent level. You need to practice, watch French TV and listen to French radio.

Good luck.

Feb 24, 2020 09:29

Hi Denniss

Have you found a solution for your summer course? Hello Languages may be able to help you depending on what you’re looking for. I work there :)
Feel free to get in touch:

Jul 8, 2021 23:01