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French schools in Uccle


Hi we're moving, hopefully to Uccle in the autumn. I've contacted the local authority to ask about which school would be best in the area for a 9 yr old with very basic French and a 5 yr old with no French. I havent received a response yet so I'm hoping you can help. We are keen to have as much French as possible and limited Dutch purely for the fact that my daughter is already panicking about how she'll manage and we wouldn't be able to help her with the Dutch. We're keen on a local school rather then lycee francais (and the expense!), do you have any recommendations?
Also if you know of any french immersion course for kids that you'd recommend?
Thanks for your help - v excited to be moving to Brussels!


Well LF has waiting lists apparently of 50 + for each school year and it's priority to French nationals, runs according to French terms and is French curriculum, so it's not very practical if you're not French and have no connections with France.
There is no such thing as a local authority here, did you contact the commune? The communal schools make up only about 40-50% of children at maternelle-primaire level, so you need to ideally look at all schools, not communal ones. You are extremely late for looking though, enrolments are done by individual schools, though Uccle communal schools do a co-ordinated admissions procedure, for the French community, non religious, Catholic and Jewish schools in Uccle, you contact each school individually. I'd recommend getting school places before housing, it's easier to find a house than 2 school places, especially mid year places. You're also not limited to the commune you move to, you can choose places everywhere - limitations only in facility commune French schools, near Uccle that means Rhodre, Linkebeek and Drogenbos French school for children in those 3 communes only.

Jul 17, 2012 22:08