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French lycée


We have just been offered a place for our 7 year old at the Lycée Francais who is billingual but has gone to a small Belgian school so far. The French Lycée has outstanding reviews, but it also seems enormous & rather unfriendly. Do children leave with a circle of friends? Is it sociable too? Would appreciate any type of reviews about the school before we decide!

From the archives

very different system. By definition the turn over is high as a lot families are only in Belgium for a few years. Children are buses / driven in from all over so friends can lives a long way away. Even what they call the bilingual section isn't really bilingual. I coached a girl in 5ème who had been brought up in London so was truly bilingual. The other children spoke English but it was definitely a second language. It's not like at the European school where some of the lessons are given in the second language. At the LF the English lessons are language lessons until 4ème and not of a high level at all.

Sep 7, 2011 14:01