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french class epfc vs cpab, comparison


Has anybody ever taken french classes at cpab?

I've taken french classes at EPFC and I've had some good and not so good teachers, and also some of the classes are over capacity, which doesn't allow you to talk as much in class.

While doing a search I came across CPAB and I see they start classes in november. Has anybody taken classes there, and if so, how was it?

And if anybody has taken classes at both locations (EPFC and CPAB)---what are your impressions?

thanks in advance!


Maybe not to late to join a French course for foreingers at you communal schools On french side I know Princesse Paola at 1200 brx and Athenée Cromelincks 1150 Brx or just ask your commune It's evening classes. Lots of poeple at the beginning of the year but many are leaving as month goes by. Price is very accessible. Sorry I don't know CPAB

Oct 22, 2012 20:34