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Free furniture — with a catch


I'm moving from a large apartment that I furnished myself to a small flat that's already furnished. So I've got a lot of stuff I won't be taking with me. The majority of it is quite nice and could easily be re-sold.

I'd like someone to come and take all of it, for free. The catch is that I also have some boxes of things (household gadgets, books, etc.; not trash) that I need you to take as well.

This is ideal for someone who has a large van or truck and can load it ALL up at once, and then figure out what to do with it: Sell it yourself, use some, donate the rest, trash what you don't want.

I have photos, if you're seriously interested, that I'm happy to send. I can't help you physically move the items. I'm in a first-floor apartment in central Brussels.

Among the furniture: A nice large leather sofa with recliner (it comes in three parts, for easier moving/hauling), a nice midcentury modern table and chairs; two desks with chairs; a bookcase; a (large, working) SmartTV and soundbar/speakers; a clothing rack; a couple small side/end tables.

To be clear: I need someone to come take all of this away at once. If you can do it this weekend, I'll actually pay you €200 on top of the free furniture. Please get in touch if you're interested.


Mr Tim,
I have a van and would like to have photos and the adress where I can take this stuff.

Yours sincerely,

Feb 7, 2019 00:53

you can contact Petit Rien in Rue Americaine. They really take almost everything including small gadgets and they resell them for some money. They would not need the extra 200 EUR in cash. But do explain your situation and the urgency
It's a social/charity organization so you also do good ;)

Feb 7, 2019 09:24

You can contact me via my email:

Feb 7, 2019 18:21

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Mar 11, 2019 10:56