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FREE English lessons in return for free lessons in French, Dutch, German.........


FREE! English lessons/help in return for free lessons/help in French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Greek.

I am a British journalist, writer, and teacher who is reasonably fluent in French, but looking for a native French speaker to help correct my grammatical mistakes, in return for free help in English.

Similarly, I am looking for a Dutch teacher to help me learn Dutch for free as a beginner, in return for free English lessons/help.

I would also like to find a native German person, who can likewise help me to revive my German, which I once spoke well, but which I haven't used for many years.

The same offer of an exchange of free lessons/help for English could also apply to Spanish, Portuguese and Greek, of which I am a beginner, but this would depend on available time, at this moment.

I am available from 13.00-18.00, some evenings and weekends.

I prefer a relaxed, conversational style, but if you want a more formal format, I have experience in this area too.

Please contact Steve at 0484 02.63.00



Lots of free lessons on YouTube. Type in, ' learn Dutch' or whatever language you would like to learn. In June you can go along to a government school or college and register for language lessons with them. Classes usually start first week of September.

Apr 25, 2018 14:49

Thanks, that's always useful. Actually what I'm looking for is relaxed one-to-one, conversational learning, rather than structured learning or classes. For example, I'm reasonably fluent in French, but still make lots of grammatical mistakes and would also like to learn more idioms and everyday slang. The same is true of German. I used to be pretty proficient, but need to blow away the cobwebs.

As for any other languages like Spanish, Portuguese or Greek, that would be beginners level

BTW: I have lots of time during the day, if that suits people better and can meet in town rather than at a home or office.


Apr 27, 2018 10:34

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Nov 24, 2018 07:58