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Former Bozar director to lead restructuring of Museum of Art & History

17:12 21/12/2021

Paul Dujardin, until earlier this year the general director of Bozar, has been retained by the Royal Museums of Art and History to oversee an artistic restructuring in the run-up to the 200th anniversary of Belgium in 2030.

Specifically, Dujardin (pictured) will lead a project to renovate and alter the scenography in the Art & History Museum in Cinquantenaire. He and his team will consider how they want the museum to communicate its message about the collection and how they can form partnerships at the federal, regional and European levels.

The project also involves possible changes to the entire Cinquantenaire domain, inside and out. “The Cinquantenaire museums are undervalued gems in need of a major facelift,” said Bruno Verbergt, general director of the Royal Museums of Art and History. “The buildings need renovated and their identity reconsidered. A coherent vision needs to be developed for the place these institutions occupy in Brussels, in Belgium and in Europe.”

The Royal Museums of Art and History encompass four museums in the capital: Museum of Art & History, Musical Instruments Museum, Halle Gate and Museums of the Far East. That last one is currently closed to the public. It is unclear if these other three museums – which are not located at Cinquantenaire – are being considered in the project led by Dujardin.

Photo ©Hatim Kaghat/BELGA


Written by Lisa Bradshaw