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Football teams and French lessons in Brussels


Hi there - sorry, two questions.

I am looking to join a football team in Brussels when I move there in September - does anyone have any recommendations. I will live in the Etterbeek area with no car so ideally something that doesn't require a drive.

I am also looking to take a French course that is relatively affordable and can fit around my work schedule (9-5.30) - is there anything that would be in my budget?

Thanks in advance!


For French I can advise you to go as soon as possible to your commune or ask to nearby communes. Usually communes do have language schools and cost is very cheap. I am doing a French course at IAPS ( which costs 130euro for a whole year, two levels. I choose evening classes like 19:00-21:30 twice per week. Depending on your employer even the course fee they might pay for you.

For Football I have no idea

Aug 24, 2017 19:00

Hello Ben.

Come to training with the Royal Brussels British FC if you like, all the details are on the site:


Aug 24, 2017 23:37