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Football Club for 11 year old boy


Anyone know of a football or tai quan do club in the Laeken /north Brussels/cental Brussels regions that is accepting 11 year olds and does not involved huge commitments on week nights.

I have found a football club but its three week evenings of training and that's too much. Ideally weekend activity is what we can mange.

Or other sports activities for 11 year old for weekends. (Its too difficult to manage transport in the winter evenings due to work commitments)


Unlikely, it's usually 2 times a week and for football a match at least 2 times a month.

Aug 20, 2013 14:21

2-3 night's training a week is commonplace here for Hockey and football clubs for this age group, though it is also expected that you will join your most local club so the young person can get him/herself to and from the training. You can also get a rebate from your health insurer of up to 50 euro with proof of club membership. In other words, healthy team activities are encouraged for young people and families - even working ones(!) go out of they're way to support them. As an expat, it is also a great way of getting to know the Belgians around you. I urge you to find a way that you can make this work for your son.

Aug 20, 2013 14:22

I know all that, Mum. He was in a club already in the first area we lived in. I'm well aware of the benefits of sport and I don't like your preaching tone. You don't know anything about my circumstances.

Aug 20, 2013 22:50