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Food business from home



im new to belgium but i wanted to cook food at home and deliver to residents in antwerp using

Does anyone know what is required to run a business from home in belgium. i currently do this in the uk, and i had to contact my local council to let them know im cooking food for public consumption, get a food hygiene certificate and then register the business for tax. i just needed to know if its the same process in belgium. Any help you can offer will be appreciated thanks


I think that you will find that life is rather more complicated in Belgium and especially in Flanders. I suggest that your first step would be to learn Dutch as you will need it to communicate with the various authorities that you will have to deal with. Then find yourself an accountant (who probably will be prepared to talk to you in English) and get him/her to explain what is involved in setting up your own business including registering for TVA. The gemeente will tell you what is required, probably an appropriate diploma, for setting up a food production business.

Jul 24, 2018 15:09

When I registered as an independent but in a a specialty that doesn't need any health certificates etc, it was extremely easy. I opened a professional bank account, filled out a form at Xerius for social security, who also registered me with the VAT people for a small fee. In your case it might be more complex, but it only gets really complex if you are setting up a company. I suggest you check out the website below. It is in English. You might not need any Dutch to communicate, because it is basically the communes who are uptight about that. If you visit one of their offices or their equivalent, they will be able to provide you with all the information.

Jul 24, 2018 22:50

For most businesses monthly social contributions need to be made to cover medical costs and pensions. Minimum monthly cost is about €1500.

Jul 26, 2018 11:16

You are talking about a company. If a person is working as an independent, social costs are perhaps 400 per trimester.

Jul 26, 2018 23:41

I would never knowingly eat food that you prepared in your apartment/residence. Do not the laws in Belgium require that you have a "Certified Kitchen" ? I am from the U.S. and the health laws there would never tolerate such a thing, ever.

Jul 28, 2018 00:43

I think that you will find it harder than you think. Normally in Belgium if your business requires a trade skill, such as cooking, you will usually need to be qualified in that skill. Even to set up a business which is not linked to a trade, they require a degree certificate or at least your General Certificate of Education. By the way, standard A-level certificates were not acceptable.

Jul 28, 2018 12:33


Did you not read the original post? The OP is clearly asking about food hygiene.

Jul 31, 2018 15:38