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Following the floods, bitter cold and freezing temperatures set to grip Belgium

18:51 05/01/2024

While some parts of the country are still underwater following heavy rainfall, a mass of cold and dry air is heading to Belgium and large parts of western Europe, reports RTBF.

On Monday 8 January, the anticyclone currently over western Scandinavia will send cold air from the east not only to Belgium, but as south as Spain.

As it’s dry continental air, there’s no risk of snow, according to meteorologists. Predicted sub-zero temperatures are -1° during the day, -6° at night.

The chilly weather continues with the arrival of another anticyclone from 12 January, bearing down on the northwest of Scotland and the UK.

This north wind will replace the previous easterly one and is likely to tempered by passing over the North Sea. Temperatures could rise slightly during the day to 3° but the nights will remain freezing, dropping to -3°.

There’s also a risk of hailstones descending from the direction of the North Sea, and a possibility that this cold spell could continue a little longer. Winter has finally arrived.

Photo: Domaine Des Hautes Fagnes ©David J Engel/Visit Wallonia

Written by The Bulletin