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I'm considering buying a fold up bicycle. I'm a keen cyclist but have not used a fold-up bike before. I'll be using it to get to and from work popping it into the car before and after the school run. I'm hankering for a Brompton but I'm not sure that it's worth the price point. I will be purchasing second hand. I'd appreciate any advice that users may have particularly on the Brompton and the possibly Dahon brands.
Many thanks,

P.S. If anyone has a quality fold-up bike in good condition and at a reasonable price leave me a message!


Hi Cait,

In my opinion, it depends on your use and personal choice. Ride both and you decide in the end.

I liked the Dahon for daily usage, commuting 5 or more kms each day (total distance), when roads are rougher with cobbles stones, gravel etc., has more stability, cheaper parts.

Bromptons no doubt are better when space is less (e.g. Belgium trains, trunk of car, restaurant etc. (but as you know cost 5 times more) but I didnt like them for longer daily commutes. Of course Brommers would be a good option if commute was in a train and where you home-station and work-station distance was less.

Both have their pros and cons but you know your usage and depending on that, decide.

Best place to buy is 2dehands or Kapaza.

Aug 7, 2015 15:14

There are four advantages of buying

Aug 7, 2015 20:59

Oh, sorry, don't know what happened above. Anyway, yes, there are four advantages of buying a Brompton.
1) The fold really is very small and compact and the chain ends up between the two wheels when folded, so there's no chance of oil everywhere, when you carry it, transport it, etc.
2) The bracket on the folding points is very stong and this is where the competition let's itself down. So, yes, others might be half the price, but they will last a fraction of the time. If the brackets fails, the only place for it is the bin. Meanwhile, there are plenty of Brompton's 20+ years old.
3) The gears are internal hubs systems (ING) so come rain or shine, they are not exposed to the rain and dirt and are almost completely maintainance free and
4) Think of it as an investment. If you don't like it, you will be able to sell it for almost the price you paid for it. This can not be said for other brands.

There are draw backs for all of these types of bikes. The ride quality is not like 26" (mountain) or 700c bikes (racing/touring) and the ride can be twitchy.

For me, there is only one folder and it's the Brompton. I would not consider anything else. If I hadn't got the money, I'd buy a second hand one. If you would like help choosing one, then give me a shout. Cycling is a real passion for me......

As for buying one, try ebay or in the UK where some offer international shipping.

Aug 7, 2015 21:16

This one looks good. There was a major upgrade in components in 2014.

Cracking price! You need to see the real pic though.

Aug 7, 2015 21:31

Two other things-
If you are taller than 5'11" you will need the option (free when new) of an extendable seat post. Pre-2014 models came with a telescopic one, now it is just 2' longer meaning less parts and a cleaner look but the seat sticks up a bit when folded and secondly, if you are looking to also buy luggage, the flat T handlebar model restricts your choice. Again, if you are taller, go for the U shaped model. Good luck!

Aug 8, 2015 08:39

Dahon does the job. Bromptons are apparently prime theft targets because of their high resale value, sometime when you're still on the bike, so if seriously considering a Brompton, consider the safety of where you will be using it.

Aug 10, 2015 10:03