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flat screen tv purchase


Hi All,

my old tv seems to be on it last legs now so I need to invest in a new one. I would like to buy a flatscreen tv this time (budget €450 max), sized between 80 to 100 cm (diagonal). The problem is I do not know anything about flat screen tvs. I did a quick search and noticed that the price varies considerably even for the same screen size tvs. what types of flat screens can you buy? what is the difference between them? can anyone recommend a good shop or website where I can get a reasonably priced one?? what price should I expect to pay? thanks in advance for any help / advice.



I'm busy trying to find out if my current flatscreen LCD TV has bust (no picture but has sound)... the old flat screen technology is LCD, but the new thing is LED which is supposedly better...

to get a good deal you're better off visiting the shops than buying on-line as each shop does different deals every week... Carrefour has some good deals, but double check their prices against Media Markt as they sometimes have the same model but 40-50€ cheaper... Krefel is always more expensive, Vanderborre sometimes have a good deal as well... basically you're going to have to travel about to get a good price

HD is the buzz word for systems, a lot of TV's have loads of special effects which after the first week you're unlikely to use if you're a normal person... if you want internet TV then you have to specify this when buying as not all TV's can do this... if you just want a normal TV to see cable on and hook up a DVD player then all LCD/LED's models can do this okay... big screens over 40+ size also have some clauses regarding warranty (based on manufacturer), depends on how they're fitted/transported to your home (ie. if you do it yourself or if they place it for you)... for less that 40+ then usually it's okay... most warranties run for 2 years as standard, so if you're paying small money it's probably not worth an extended one, but if paying 1000+ then could be a good idea... prices vary from three figures to four figures, an average good quality TV would be between 500-1000€ depending on size and format (LCD or LED)... good luck and shop around...

Sep 22, 2011 12:57