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Five municipalities put up cameras to combat illegal dumping

15:37 01/08/2019

Can four cameras put a stop to illegal dumping of trash and other waste? Five municipalities on the outskirts of Brussels are about to find out.

Municipal waste disposal association Interza has said it will put up four cameras at locations in Zaventem, Kampenhout, Kraainem, Steenokkerzeel and Wezembeek-Oppem where illegal dumping causes a lot of nuisance.

Jan Buyse from Interza told Radio 2 that the cameras were being placed at the request of the municipalities and local residents.

“They want people who illegally dump waste to be targeted and fined. This is a problem that is getting worse and people are getting increasingly annoyed. Cameras against illegal waste dumping are a good tool to combat this,” he said.

The cameras will not be visible to passers-by, Buyse added. “Of course warning signs will be put up when you enter the municipalities, but the cameras themselves will be invisible. So we’ll be able to record images in every location at a moment’s notice,” Buyse said.

Interza said it has recorded more than a thousand illegal waste dumping incidents in the five municipalities where the cameras will be placed in the first seven months of this year.

Photo: Pixabay

Written by The Bulletin


Frank Lee

There's another way of fighting illegal dumping. Charge residents a fixed amount for garbage collection instead of forcing them to use the pricey "official" garbage bags, and do encourage people to sort and recycle instead of forcing them to do so or else... This country loves to impose all kinds of stupid rules on its residents and then doesn't understand the unavoidable consequences of those rules.

Aug 4, 2019 18:22