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First Ukrainian family given shelter as refugees begin arriving in Brussels

Illustration picture shows a protest action at the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations, urging to stop the war in Ukraine, Saturday 26 February 2022 in Brussels. (BELGA PHOTO JULIETTE BRUYNSEELS)
05:55 03/03/2022

A first Ukrainian family has called homeless organisation Samusocial to ask for help and shelter. Although the new centre for families in Auderghem is almost full, it has still been possible to find a place for the couple and three children.

Samusocial is now awaiting further decisions from the authorities on its role in accommodating Ukrainians.

The family can stay in Auderghem until longer-term housing options can be found. Samusocial has received several requests for shelter from single men arriving from Ukraine, although there are currently no places available for individual males.

It has also received calls from people who are worried about their relatives who are on their way to Brussels from Ukraine and for whom a solution needs to be found.

"We are now waiting for the federal government to provide accommodation to meet the demands of Ukrainian refugees arriving in Brussels," said Fabienne de Leval, the operational director of Samusocial.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian embassy has been busy responding to the crisis and fielding calls from Brussels citizens offering their help. On the emabssy’s website there's a map with the details of dozens of Brussels residents who want to open their doors to Ukrainians. The people behind the Promote Ukraine platform have also put together a team of volunteers to link supply and demand.

Ultimately, it is the intention that the federal Crisis Centre will coordinate the applications in collaboration with the municipalities. Potential host families will soon be able to register there. At the moment, not all municipalities have created a link on their website.


Written by Nick Amies