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a fine


Hi people,

I've got a fine for crossing over a continuous line. The fine is 150 EUR. Usually I don't speed and try to be a good driver. I was just trying to pull out of the ring to avoid the huge traffic mess they have created in Zaventem.

Anyway, can I contemplate to not pay it?

I've got a Belgian plate and a foreign EU driving license.

What would be the consequence of ignoring the letter, if any? Do they send the fine with a reminder or not

In my home country, fines are usually linked to your car, so when you try to sell it you have to clear all the fines. But here it is different, because fines are linked to a plate. And if I get a new car next year, I will have to apply for a new one in the European format.

Tx for answers from people who've had this experience before - just want to get the facts.

From the archives

If you don't pay, a court case will be triggered against you and you will have to explain in front of the Judge why you are guilty of such a criminal offense

Aug 23, 2011 13:34