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Finding a school around brussels


I'm planning to come to Belgium in January 2020 with my work permit. I have 7 years' sone and want to put him to school. I'm confused about what school (dutch or french) I need to put him. I thought to go for government French school. Can anyone recommend a school? I will take my apartment base at the school. And does he need to put into Grade 1 or 2? Currently, he has no knowledge of these languages.


Where will you work? Where will you live? That will control your choice of school/language. In Brussels and a few communes around, you have choice of either language. Wallonia is all French, Flanders is Dutch. Primary school starts at 6. Probably best to start in year 1, but ask the school.
School year starts in September so you have to find a school with space.
It’s tough at first but kids are quick to pick up languages. Whichever language you choose, try and teach your son the basics as soon as possible. It’s not easy if you don’t know how to ask where the toilets are on the first day of school! Good luck.

Oct 27, 2019 00:24