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Finding out how much property was sold for


Is there any service in Belgium (similar to for example where you can find out how much houses/flats etc. sold for?


Yes, I am aware of that issue. My notaire had me dashing to the commune so that I could check the urbanisme plans and permits against what was actually built before I put in the offer - I was amazed at how cooperative the commune was. In my case the build matched the permis so the offer went in.

The very important point is that it is something that you have to be aware of - the commune could force you to alter the property to match the permis, rather than accepting a "fine". If you are happy with the risk then put in the offer but if you aren't walk away - you only have a come back against the seller if the problem was deliberately concealed (and then only for two years).

Jan 24, 2018 14:56

Indeed becasse is right a friend of ours trusted their notaire and then disvivered not only was a oart of their home illegal but built in a terrible way and cost them huge amount to rectify plus cadestral increased. They did try court scrion on previous owners ehi built house for misrepesenation because they also lied about other thingd but all that did was cist them money abd the court suded with the people who fid rhe illegal extension even though my friends could show the commune had no knowledge!

Jan 25, 2018 07:32

In respect of the Revenue Cadastre, the authorities, at least in Wallonia, have apparently woken up to the fact that, for many properties, the RC is sometimes only a fraction of what it should be and are now starting to revalue them when a property changes hands. This has the advantage to the authorities that the proposed transaction value, when compared with the RC, instantly identifies properties where revaluation should take place. It has a potential dual disadvantage to buyers, firstly if the RC rises so will the annual PI, and secondly if the property had qualified for reduced tax levels on the sale because of a low RC it may well no longer do so, perhaps adding nearly 10% to the overall cost of purchase.

Jan 25, 2018 10:36

As there are many informed people about this subject, I would like to ask this. In one of the houses we did not get, the situation was like this: The owner get the house built himself. The architect made the plan but later he wanted the staircase on the right side of the house instead of the left. He did not get this version of the plan made. Is there a risk that commune may have a problem with this? It is not an extension but inside the house. Thanks for your answers.

Jan 28, 2018 22:47