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Finding an IT Consultant


How do you go about finding a good IT consultant here? Looking for someone with knowledge of Office 365 / exchange online etc. to set up / configure a small company.

The big firms don't want to deal with us because we're too small, and I have very little luck finding small firms or independent consultants as they're all too busy. Can anyone suggest / recommend an IT firm / consultant that deals specifically with SME's.


Try PC Helpdesk. 02 351 05 08. or K-Force 02 380 23 32
Both companies also offer remote support services.

Jan 29, 2018 18:35

try also

they are not located in Brussels, but here every week and offering both remote support.

Jan 30, 2018 18:24
Olivier Loncin

If your are ready to look at Google collaborative office solution (G Suite), I recommend Jalons sprl +32495184089

Feb 2, 2018 17:14