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Financial Investment


Hello, has anyone encountered/dealt with AES International? I have been contacted and proposed for some investments. I would like to know how reliable this company is.




Never heard of them, but the questions you should ask are:
1) Are you approved by the Belgian banking commission to sell financial products in Belgium.
2) Depending on your nationality, ask if they are regulated by the regulator in your home country.
3) Get them to specify the commission that you would pay on anything they try and sell you.
As someone who used to be involved on the periphery of selling financial products to xpats internationally, my personal advice would be to proceed very carefully.
An awful lot of financial products sold to xpats (especially long term savings / pension plans) are needlessly complicated, underperforming, and often have exceptionally high commission rates, meaning that for the first 2-5 years they are effectively worthless.

Sep 24, 2012 09:39