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Federal police nab a record number of fugitives

08:39 12/03/2014

Belgium’s federal police’s FAST team set a record last year when it apprehended 325 criminals on the lam. Officially known as the Fugitive and Asset Search Team, FAST is tasked with finding those found guilty in court in Belgium, but have managed to flee justice authorities. Some of the criminals are not even in the country.

The FAST team often chases down those guilty of drug trafficking, pedophilia, murder and burglary. Each year the team is increasing its success in finding those trying to flee the system; an extraordinary fact when considering the team is not allowed to use the same techniques as other police. 

To find the fugitives, FAST is not allowed to utilise conventional tools like phone tapping and hiding surveillance cameras. The restraints mean FAST must be creative, and look to traditional methods like stakeouts. 

Written by Andrew King