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Faulty wiring and electricity bill


Dear All,

I have rented an apartment last year in Nov. The apartment had a faulty wiring that resulted in net usage of 9000kwh of energy and costing 4000 euros of bill.

I had electrician come in last week and he said it is due to faulty jumper and capacitor which he will fix the coming week.

My question is, the bill is on my name but it was caused by the faulty wiring. Can I ask the landlord to pay at least 50% of it or I cannot do anything.

What are my options?

Thank you all in advance.


In your situation I would first call your electricity supplier.
If there is a fault in the system then you should be looking to get the bill reduced rather than asking for help from your landlord. By all means tell the landlord as he may have a responsibility to pay for the repairs.
The electricity supplier will be able to confirm from previous meter readings that there is a fault and they may want to come and check the set up before agreeing to reduce the bill. Alternatively they may want proof from your electrician that he has seen and repaired the fault.

Jun 15, 2019 14:21