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Fat Boy’s

Just about anyone who’s spent some time in Brussels knows where Fat Boy’s is. The sports bar on the busiest square in the EU district (the infamous “Place Lux”) is famous for its multiple screens, party atmosphere and American pub grub.

During the EuroCup madness, a group of friends and I manage to stake out a standing table outside with a view of the match. The place is heaving with English and French fans, alongside many other empathetic supporters like us. There’s a buzz in the air, synchronised sighs at missed chances and roaring cheers with every goal.

Even now the service is incredibly attentive. Our server is calm and friendly and able to remember our order among dozens of others. We’re in the mood for one thing many Americans miss from home: buffalo wings. Not only are wings the perfect thing to eat while standing up with eyes glued to the TV, but they’re also highly addictive.

If you’re not familiar with the term, buffalo wings have nothing to do with the giant hooved mammal but rather with the small feathered chicken and the wing thereof. The name comes from the city that made the snack famous: Buffalo, New York.

At Fat Boy’s, one plate holds 20 so-called “dry” wings, which are oven-baked for a delectably crispy outer layer. On the other plate, 20 “wet” wings are smothered in a tangy sweet & sour sauce with visible specks of hot chili pepper. They pack some heat, which is tempered by the whipped blue cheese sauce and crunchy stalks of celery, the traditional way to serve wings. Under the crispy skin is plenty of juicy white chicken meat. The combination of tangy, sweet, salty, spicy flavours is simply mouth-watering.

Nothing goes down better with a plate of hot wings and blue cheese than a round of cold pints. The beer is fresh and well tapped, no small feat on such a busy night. In total, the 40 wings (€30) prove the perfect amount for our party of five. This is a bit unfortunate, in fact, as we would like to have tried one of the famous Fat Boy burgers or chili fries. Our heads turn in unison to catch a look at the burgers as they are delivered to other tables. The BBQ cheddar burger stands out, with its thick patty covered in melted cheddar cheese and a dollop of smoky BBQ sauce. It comes with a sizeable salad and pile of fries.

Next time, though, I’m having the bacon and blue cheese burger or, if I’m really famished, the Fat Boy’s Mega, two layers of beef covered in their homemade chili and jalapeno peppers. The appetisers are equally enticing and include all the American snack classics, from breaded, deep-fried jalapeno peppers and mozzarella sticks with tomato salsa to deluxe hot dogs, caesar salads and mega portions of nachos. Desserts include chocolate brownies and pecan pie.


5 Place du Luxembourg, Brussels; 02.511.32.66

Kitchen: Mon-Fri 12.00-15.00 & 18.00-23.00; Sat-Sun 12.00-23.00

Mains: €10-€20

All-American sports bar in the heart of Europe’s capital with great service, cold beer and excellent pub fare


This review originally appeared in Flanders Today