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Any cyclers out there who take the whole family for a trip?
We have 2 kids between ages 7-10 and are starting to enjoy going for bike rides as a family around the neighborhood.

Any suggestions for a weekend outing where we might go? Someplace where we don't have to share a traffic road and would enjoy nature and the scenery would be great. We have a bike carrier and could drive up to 2 hours to the destination.

From the archives

Flanders has lots of marked bicycle routes. Most bookshops in Flanders and those in Brussels with a Flemish selection will probably have maps of the routes for different regions. Routes are well marked and usually combine quiet country roads and bicycle paths. You can find a shorter route to get started and build up from there.

Something similar may exist in Walloonia as well, however I don't know.

Aug 26, 2011 16:05