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Family friendly hotels in Amsterdam


Can anyone recommend a nice family friendly hotel in Amsterdam for a family of 5?
Many thanks.


This seems to be several months late, but in case anyone else is interested: We stayed at the Double Tree near the Central Station and it was great. Really cool hotel (not usually the case in the States) and really family friendly. Especially if you have small kids. They have a toy/play area hidden in the lobby and whenever we ate at the restaurant (breakfast was included and they buffet was huge), they always wheeled over a box of toys. The staff were so friendly and always giving my kids presents and helping me out when I obviously needed it. It was easy to hang out there when my husband was at work and it was raining out. Also, really close to lots of the tourist fun stuff as well as the NEMO science museum. Highly recommend this hotel if you have kids.

Feb 1, 2015 14:47