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eye prescription doctor, couple of quesitons



Can I go to an eye doctor in Brussels and just get an eye prescription without having to buy the glasses?
Also, how much would that cost, just to get an eye exam to get your lens prescription? And, if anybody knows and can recommend an eye doctor, please also let me know. Thanks in advance.


Yes! A specialist eye doctor is just that - they will not sell glasses.
I saw my specialist about 10 days ago and paid €45 of which €30 was refunded by my mutuelle.
If you go to an optician (shop selling glasses) and have your eyes tested there, the mutuelle refund will be less.
I can't give you a recommendation as I don't live anywhere near Brussels.

Jul 4, 2015 16:06
Passive energy

Of course you can walk away with a prescription and never buy glasses.

As a specialized doctor, an ophthalmologist will charge you in the area of 50 Euro.

My recommendation for an eye doctor would be JP Elens in Woluwé-Saint-Pierre: 02 772.22.90. Book early, he is quite busy.

Jul 9, 2015 15:08