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Expiry of 9 year flat lease


could anyone tell me, please, what happens when one reaches the end of the 9th year of his/her flat lease? Will it get automatically renewed for a further 9 years with the same 3-2-1 month penalty conditions, or would I need to sit down with my landlord and agree on new terms and length of renewed lease? Also: as a sitting tenant will I be protected against any substantial increase of the monthly rent?
Big thanks in advance


Landlord still has to give you 6 months notice. He has to do this if he wants to take this one and only opportunity to get rid of you, or to increase the rent.

By default, it reverts to another 9-year with no penalty should you leave (just the standard 3-months notice)

Oct 12, 2017 21:13

The landlord can increase the rent annually in line with the index.

Oct 13, 2017 07:36

If neither of you gives notice, the lease is automatically prolonged by three years, under the same conditions. A minimum of six months before the expiration of the three-year extension, the landlord can give you notice without giving any reason and without paying any compensation. If they do not do so, the lease will again automatically be extended by three years and so on.

As stated by J, the tenant on the other hand can leave at any time with no penalty to be paid, they just have to respect the three month notice period.

You are protected against any increase of the monthly rent, apart from the annual indexation which is normally rather a paltry amount.

Oct 13, 2017 09:34