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Could anyone recommend a GP and a gynaecologist who does not charge you expat prices but normal Belgian fees aimed at normal Belgian people? My gynaecologist charges 95 euros for a normal routine check-up. I am changing Insurance Company and they will not cover the extra costs...



My doctor, a GP, will do gynae exams and check-ups for, I think, 35E. A bit more if lab tests needed. She's Dr Stockley, rue Charlemagne.

Mar 23, 2015 21:41

My GP is Dr Nicole Van Nieuwenhuyse on rue du Coq in Uccle. She charges the standard rate (tarif conventionné) of 25 euros. For gynecology I go to Dr Christian Moulart at Ste-Elisabeth hospital in Uccle, also the tarif conventionné.

Mar 23, 2015 22:49

Hi An, I don't believe that's an expat price. Some specialist charge you more, mutelle health insurance pays a set rate you make up the difference, unless you have private insurance. It's common for lots of different specialities they charge more you pay for their expertise.
In addition many gps will have a female who offers gynea services, asks your colleagues or friends or neighbours for a good local GP. You don't say where you would like to go area wise that may help people advise you.
If you have an gynea related health issue you can be referred by your regular GP in this case it is covered quite often. I had a hospital visit covered by the mutelle after I was referred. All the best

Mar 24, 2015 17:27