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Hello all,
I have an unusual request I admit. ... Recently in connection with Halloween my daughter(11 years) had a sleepover at a friend. Unfortunately the older brother of my daughter's friend showed them a film called 'The Excorcist'. Since then my daughter has had night terrors about a demon possesing her body :-( I had not seen this film, but last night decided to watch it. I understand now what the film is about. My question is, might it be possible to get a Catholic priest(preferably english speaking) to bless our house and excorcize any demon from our house? Personally I dont believe in this, but I believe it might convince our daughter as she has been calling for Father Merrin to rescue her. We live in Brussels


To get your "official" Catholic exorcist, you need to contact the Bishop. For Brussels it is Jean Kockerol, Bishop of the Archidioce of Malines-Bruxelles.

Don't know if he speaks English, but his biography says he speaks French, Flemish and Latin, which for a Belgian possession is probably all he needs.

Nov 5, 2018 11:48
Mark L-W

Exorcism is a very serious step and conventional help might be of use.
Try calling the CHS on 02 648 40 14.

Nov 5, 2018 20:49

I think the exorcism may well need to be directed at the parents who think that it's OK to let an 11 year old watch a film like that. Older siblings are either minors under the responsibility of the parents or have reeached the age of criminal responsibility.
Make sure you ram this home hard.

Nov 6, 2018 00:40

Fully agree with J. What steps have you taken with the the so-called parents of this friend? Who in their right mind leaves a bunch of 11 year olds without ANY parental supervision for at least two hours (the duration of the film - if any adult had checked what was going on, they would have stopped the film). Showing a film like that to young children is tantamount to child abuse.

Nov 6, 2018 07:51


I am so sorry for your daughter and I can understand her completely. When I was 9, when I went to another movie by my mum and sister, I saw the trailer of this movie. After that, my life changed. I started having night horrors, literally increasing temperature, high fever. I could not tell my mum as I thought I am stupid to be afraid as I knew it was not real. It lasted so many years. Today, as an adult, I cannot bring myself to look at this on the internet. I am not a Christian so the idea of being possessed and saved does not work for me. So I leave it to you. However, I suggest you constantly tell about your daughter that this is not real and perhaps how they make these effects and face masks etc and the reality behind it may help. She should talk about her fears. This is a very serious and long-lasting thing. If necessary, make her see a psychologist. Seeing a priest may justify all this is really real so it may have an opposite effect. I feel for your daughter so much. I wish all your family good luck with this difficult experience.

Nov 7, 2018 15:17

I would not get a priest as this will give the message that you belive this stuff which is all nonsense. Instead could you take her to a therapist who will know how to talk to her and deal with it.

Agree that the parents who allowed this to happen should be held accountable.

Keep talking with your daughter and tell her that its just a big old stupid story made up to get people into the movies and pay money to watch it. Tell her that there is no such thing as spirits and you are fully sure of this. Tell her that our mind plays tricks on us when we see scary movies and tell her that you too have been scared by those kinds of movies. If she sees you totally unafraid of the stuff it will give her courage to reject it too. Maybe look at some of the images of it together and you can say ...see how its just acting....see how they have make up on and false blood or whatever.... tell her that actors are really clever at making it look scary and real

My son once was shown Chucky by another child and he was very scared afterwards.

You could also maybe stay with her in her room for a few nights and reassure her if she wakes.

But no priest as that will just add to making this a reality...that's my view

Nov 9, 2018 01:48

Maybe get a picture of the actors in their normal appearance to help her see that they are just actors and not real people, including the priest in the movie.

Nov 9, 2018 01:51

I fully agree with Georgiana. However, do not go through the photos of Exorcist again. It will increase the trauma. However, you can show how other less scary looking Halloween characters are made. Seeing the photos again was incredibly traumatic for me.

Nov 9, 2018 09:23

I saw that film as a young adult, and though I have never been soft-hearted and could have happily slept in a graveyard, I found some of the scenes horrendous. I can understand (or perhaps cannot understand) what it would do to a kid.
I just googled images with keyword the making of the exorcist. On the first were two useful photos, one of what looks like the young priest hugging the your actress sitting on the bed and the other of someone's hands putting makeup on someone's head. They are totally innocuous and portray the reality. But if you want to show them to her, make sure you download only what you want because there are plenty of other unsuitable pictures. I also checked a couple of videos of interviews with actors/actresses, producer etc, and though parts of them lay bare the fiction, in some of them you suddenly something grotesque shows on the screen. But if you screen a few you might finding something suitable but without risk. Other than that, I'm not going to repeat what others have said.

Nov 10, 2018 02:15