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Exchanging INR Indian Rupees for Euros - in India or Brussels better rate?



I found out, Travelex do not take INR at Zaventem Airport. There is an exchange desk called DME at the Grand Place in Brussels that will do it. I am wondering if I will get a better rate exchanging rupees for Euros in Delhi Airport before Belgium departure, or is it better to go to the specialized agency DME?

Thanks in advance,


Not many exchangers accept Asian currencies in Belgium. Better to exchange at Delhi ( even better outside the airport)

Jun 4, 2015 17:23
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wish that was possible but already in bxl. DME official exchange is 75 INR for 1 EUR but i called and they actually charge 85 INR to change into 1 EUR. Quite the difference ! :(

Jun 6, 2015 10:29

Mid-market rate is 71. Charging 85 for a Euro is daylight robbery.

Jun 7, 2015 12:51