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The Ex From Hell


I have the most mental ex wife the world has ever known. Truly this women does not know when to stop.

I have been followed by her, her family and friends.

Additionally we have joint parenting of my daughter 50/50 it was supposed to be a great idea but it just means we have to see each other even more.

Now she is dating a want to be bikie and thinks she's invisible. Screaming at me when i drop my daughter off, screaming at my partner. sending me harassing emails and even finds it OK to come see my daughter at school through the school fence on my custody days.

She just will not leave us alone. I have had txt messages at 1am It's ridiculous.

Last week my daughter did not go to school on Monday because she was up late in a cafe watching the football with her mum and boyfriend and was too tired the next day.

Additionally she took my daughter to the doctors 20 times in 20 weeks to a doctor, i told this to the court during our divorce and the judge did nothing.

Since then she takes my daughter to specialists without telling me and falsely diagnoses my daughter to the doctor.

I have started to make attests at the local police station and have been told that i need to do this every time before we can do anything and win in court.

I do not know what else to do about this women, I do not know Belgium laws. I'm open to any suggestions or advice.


I’m not sure that this Q&A is really the right place to post your sad story. If this is what is happening, you need to do two things. Find a good family lawyer who will advise on your legal situation. All Brussels and Antwerp lawyers speak excellent English.
And find a good psychologist who can help you understand why she is doing this and more importantly how you need to react to it.
Good luck

Jun 19, 2018 09:10

You need a social worker. Contact the CPAS.

Jun 19, 2018 11:30

Hire a hit-man :)

Jun 20, 2018 10:33

Wezwmbeek is right you possibly need to seek psychologist for you and your daughter.
Keep a diary and log things to the police keep doing what you are doing.
Never respond to negative messages from her even asking her to stop. Turn off you phone alert after 10pm.
She clearly has issues however she is still your childs parent and you really would be better to try and find some way to work with her as much as possible difficult as that is.
The joint custody rule is common here and you would need to prove serious risk to your child to get the visiting stopped all together.
Also as for taking your child repeatedly to the doctors she either has serious concerns about your child or Munchausen by proxy this could be her way of trying to make her look like a caring parent and you bad to somehow cope with your seperation. She sounds like she needs help not to be alienated futher
Just keep doing what you're and doing. Plus say as little as possible to your child thats negative about her mother as this will cause the child issues that are not of her making.

Jun 20, 2018 19:33

Also make it clear to the school why the child wasnt in and let them deal with that because ita highly frowned upon here

Jun 20, 2018 19:35