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European School - repeat or progress


We have received an email from our child's teacher stating that he is progress ing academically but is immature and reference was made to discussions taking place re repeating or progressing to the next year. Is this a way of telling us to prepare ourselves for repeating a year. Does anyone have any experience on this?



Yes, this does mean that repeating a year is being considered for your child. The schools take this very seriously: before a decision is made, a lengthy meeting takes place with input from the teacher, the counsellor, and perhaps the support staff. You should ask the teacher exactly where they are in the process.

Please know that holding a child back for year can have enormous benefits. I personally now of a child who would have benefited from being allowed to mature at a slower pace, but the parents fought the school to make sure the child was moved on to the next year. Years later, that child is unhappy and having a very difficult time at school, both socially and intellectually.

Mar 9, 2016 00:47

Hi Worried, I guess it depends how well your child is integrated into a good friendship group, if it's well established it may be an issue depends on their age. however many children develope at different rates so some do better if they repeat. Ask the school how they will be challenged with learning if they repeat you don't want them bored. Go and have a friendly chat with staff to find out what their concerns are.
All the best

Mar 10, 2016 13:41

I also think you should have a discussion with your child's teacher. If there is a problem at school, other alternatives exist such as an international school in Brussels or public Belgian school. So you don't have to worry :-)

Mar 25, 2016 12:18