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EURO2012 village


Has anyone watched one of the Euro 2012 matches at the 'EURO2012 VILLAGE' in Autoworld, Parc de Cinquantenaire? Thinking of going there to watch the England vs France game on Monday (basically cos I'll be working nearby and don't finish til 6pm...). I'll give it a go if it's OK there and free to get in. Anyone care to share their experience?

The Limey

I was there on Friday. It was good fun, there's a decent crowd and lots of screens. There was no entry charge on Friday, and don't think there will be one Monday either.

Be warned though - it was very, very busy for the first match. I think people were turned away. I'd advise getting there early. I'm heading up about 5pm if I can get out of work.

Jun 11, 2012 00:34