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Euro 2024: Where to watch the Belgium vs Ukraine game on Wednesday evening

Belgium Red Devils at Euro 2024nin Germany
09:54 26/06/2024

Belgium’s Red Devils face Ukraine in the final match of the Euro 2024 group stage on Wednesday at 18.00.

With all four teams in Group E of the football championship each in possession of three points, it’s a critical evening that will decide which teams advance to the knockout stage. The match between Slovakia and Romania is also scheduled at 18.00.

Fans in Brussels can follow all the action at the Fox Food Market in Auderghem, where they can tuck into dishes at the new food court.

Alternatively, and making the most of the summer weather, a big screen is set up in the courtyard of Brussels Beer Project in Châtelain. Other outdoor venues include Jardin Hospice, the city-centre garden spot in the former Institut Pacheo and the fan village set up in Uccle’s Wolvendael Park, where food trucks, a DJ and other activities are added draws.

Photo: Belgium's football team celebrating its victory over Romania ©Belga/Bruno Fahy