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Bonjour all!

My wife has been offered a full time job, as a fonctionnaire at the European commission! great news we think? She has not yet accepted the position as we are mulling over our options. My wife already has a great job in the U.K. and I have no problem getting work. We have been advised to ask locals in Brussels, employed by the Commission, their opinion, and here we are. We are a young married couple with a little boy of 2 years of age. Will the Commission, take care of us is the question basically? We know it to be a high salary tax free, which is fantastic to start with. What other benefits will or can they offer? Will they offer travel allowance, health insurance etc? What about tuition for our 2 year old boy, crèche etc. is that covered? Will we receive children's allowance for our child, or if we have another while resident in Brussels?
Sorry for being a little vague but every little will help us to make our mind up, should we stay or should we go?

Thank you in advance,

John & Dorris


First of all, congratulations to your wife! And second of all, it is not a tax free salary -- it is a salary taxed under the EU system. :)

This page on the Europa website covers the basics:

Judging by what you write, your wife should definitely be entitled to the expatriation allowance equivalent to 16% of her basic salary, which for many cases is quite a significant game changer. Other allowances include family allowances, help for relocation and a very good sickness insurance scheme. You may also be entitled to a temporary period of VAT-free purchases, and your boy could be entitled to schooling in the European schools system.

All in all, you are the only ones who can decide whether it's worth it or not, but it certainly has its fair share of advantages.

Oct 9, 2012 16:04