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EU elections- Manifestos for Belgian political parties manifestos



Does anyone know if any website has an overview of all the manifestos for Belgiums political parties for the upcoming EU elections?



Unfortunately I don't know of a website that compiles the political parties' positions in a nutshell. I can recommend you to take a "test électoral/stemtest". Most newspapers/media outlets have their own (you can find them from the RTBF/VRT, De Morgen, La Libre, HLN, HNB etc.). They will ask you some questions and you will be able to see which candidates align with your position the best. They will be in French or in Dutch, and if you don't speak either, Google translate is a helpful tool.

May 22, 2019 09:11

I was struggling to find a listing of all the parties and candidates taking part in the elections on the web, without success. Not even on the Wezembeek website.
Was in the commune house today, where they did have big posters with this info. I asked if it was on the web and they said no. They did seem a bit embarrassed.
Thanks to my iPhone I can now peruse the lists at leisure.

May 23, 2019 00:42