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Etterbeek Creche


I am newly pregnant and already being put under pressure from friends about the importance of securing a creche spot. The baby will be due in March and I'll go back to work end of August 2013, so I'd need a spot from mid August 2013. I am looking for recommendations from personal experiences. Both parents are English speaking, both have a decent working knowledge of French and basic Dutch. With costs, we'd prefer a public creche, but the most important thing is the safety and well being of our child and there is no price on that.
Thank you for any suggestions


If you are going back to work, uou really need to concentrate on secure A place, not just a place based on recommendations which are in any case pretty subjective. Go and visit as many creches as possible and read their K&G or ONE inspection reports BEFORE signing a contract and also do google research (you might find a creche claiming K&G or ONE accreditation is in fact a lie or you might find the creche has been subject to investigations and has not lost its accreditation).
Why do you prefer a public creche? Only those on a low income are going to have reduced fees at a creche and in any case, Etterbeek has no communal "public" creches.
You will find 2 creche chains, plus a few individual creches, which cost more than other creches, they are marketed to expats. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this, if costs are a major factor in choice, then resist any pressure to sign a contract with these creches straightway, they are likely to still have places, I'd take the risk to wait and find a cheaper creche place, then only sign with these expensive creches if all other choices are full.

Jul 30, 2012 11:00