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Etats de lieux- who pays?


It should be written into your contract surely who pays. The état de lieu usually costs more than the état de lieu de sortie, so if you pay for one and the landlord pays for the other, it's not going to be financially fair. The usual is to go 50/50 on cost of both état de lieu and état de lieu de sortie. The landlord will write who the expert for the état de lieu into the contract, so if you want a say in who the expert is, come to an agreement before the contract is written and signed.

To be honest, if you already believe your landlord to be difficult, is it really wise to rent from him/her? We took 3 months finding somewhere new to live. We rejected one house which would have been ideal precisely because I knew the landlord was trouble, so glad I did because we now have a gem of a landlord.

Feb 21, 2012 12:30