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etat de lieux


Question concerning Etat de Lieux de sortie conducted between landlord and tenant.
Tenant is leaving after 4 years. Dishwasher needs repair. It was bought in 2009 and has already been repaired once (under guarantee).
Should it be repaired again? (deplacement + part) or discarded and a new one bought? and how much of the cost of a new machine should be charged to the tenant?
many thanks


Q - "Should it be repaired again?"

A - It depends on how and why it needs to be repaired. If the repair cost exceeds replacement, then it should be replaced.

Q - "how much of the cost of a new machine should be charged to the tenant?"

A - If the landlord is having to replace it because the tenant damaged it, then the tenant should pay the full cost. If the machine is faulty, the landlord should replace it.

Dec 1, 2017 14:45

Was it included in there rental agreement? If so landlord responsibility part of the kitchen. Always get your own expert along to save arguments like this

Dec 1, 2017 18:41

No way Anon.
The machine has a life expectancy of xx years.
Let's say 8. If 4 have passed, then the current value is only 50% after 4 years and only that can be charged if the machine needs to be replaced due to faults of the tenant, otherwise, it is wear & tear for the landlord.

Dec 3, 2017 07:54