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Escalation Point of contact - Commune 1000 brussels - Driver licence exchange


Hi Team,

I have moved to Brussels in the month of Jan, I have lost my United states driving licence in Brussels I was theft which is unexpired. I have lodged police compliant and I also have evidence of my drivers licence and also previous driver licences in United states. I have been commune they have refused to give exchange.. I just want to escalate this to someone leadership in commune.. How do i do this? and Can some one give me contact whom i can write my case


You need to report your drivers licence stolen and get a replacement in the US where it was issued. There is no way that a Belgian commune will exchange a drivers licence you don't actually have. Speak to the state that issued your licence, or try the US embassy. There is no one at any commune in Belgium that will be able to help you.

Jun 5, 2019 15:44