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Erosion timebomb


I have a very tall/ wide sloped retaining wall - and I can't help noticing that there is soil erosion - advanced in some parts - ie if you barely touch the soil on a vertical part of slope - a heap of it slides down the slope immediately like dry sand. It will be a disaster if it falls apart - not just financially. Would be grateful if anyone know of an expert type who could do something - or advise me what to do. Thanks


Have you considered speaking to your insurance company?

Sep 29, 2017 09:49

Try finding a geotechnical engineer (google ´bureau études géotechnique / ingénieur géotechnique ´)

Sep 29, 2017 18:36

Yes, you probably do want an ingénieur géotechnique or something similar, but you should contact your insurance company first as you may find they will pay for it, or even have a specific person that they recommend you use.

Sep 29, 2017 20:48
Mark L-W

Put in some plants ? Roots keep the soil together.
For sand Marram grass is ideal, it is a primary plant in establishing seaside vegetation.

Sep 30, 2017 19:18

Is the wall yours or is it that of a neighbour or is it shared between you both is the first question? It will already determine who has the sole or split responsibility for the repairs.

If it is erosion and not a landslide, I do not believe insurance will cover anything as there is no "accident" or "sudden element". You may check your contract but my 30 years in the sector tell me that it is most unlikely.

Good luck

Oct 1, 2017 05:31

Many thanks for great info!

Oct 9, 2017 13:57