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EPSO test training


Dear all,

I would like to ask if anyone knows a math teacher that specialises in EPSO test training for the numerical part of the exam. I would really appreciate any recommendation for a tutor in EPSO exams.

Thank you,



None of the maths required is very advanced. You should get to a good enough level by finishing high-school.

The rest is down to understanding the questions and doing what it tell you to do. You just need to practice doing that quickly, which you can do effectively with books.

Jan 25, 2016 14:54

Try contacting the EU trade unions; they often run training preparation EPSO courses in Brussels. Courses were usually held in Brussels and start sharp at 8am and finish at 5.30pm. SFE is open for non-members and members.

The European Public Service Union
Rue Joseph II 79 - Bloc C 08/210
Tel: 02 296 31 27 - Fax: 02 296 43 28
email :

Verbal and numerical tests are held in your second chosen language and have to be answered in 45 seconds.

Good luck!

Jan 26, 2016 13:48

Thank you so much for your reply! I appreciate it!

Jan 28, 2016 21:10